9 Most Popular Mattress-Related Amazon Finds On TikTok

1. Ripped boyfriend pillow that gives you all the cuddles and attention you need. It’s a keeper alright.

2. Strong bedsheet gripper which keeps the bedsheets in place no matter how much you move at night while sleeping.

3. Comforter for couples. This comforter is two sided. One side is filled with 150gm of luxury microfiber to keep it cool while the other is filled with 300gm of microfiber to keep it warm. Now both of you can sleep peacefully.

4. Mattress jack so that you can neatly and easily tuck in the bedsheets. There’s one available for king size and one for queen.

5. Mattress rubber band. It transforms a flat sheet into a fitted sheet. No more having to lift those heavy mattress. Just slip it in from the top and you’re all set.

6. Another choice for jacking up the mattress. But this involves lesser steps.

7. Mattress gap filler which prevents the pillow from getting stuck in the gaps. Also comes with a handy pocket to store your phone or TV remote control.

8. Anti-shaking tool for bed headboard. This thing features a cushion on one end to reduce noice and an adjustment screw on the other end to fill in the distance between the shaking headboard and the wall. No drilling required as it features a super sticky glue that sticks on the bed like an octopus.

9. Bed tent for a comfortable night sleep. No disturbance from any unwanted lights and bugs. Four windows for easy access and fresh air, and a pocket on the inside to store phone and any other valuables. There’s also a hook to hang a lamp on the inside.

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