9 Phones That Are A Real Blast From The Past

1. N-Gage

The N-Gage is a device launched by Nokia in late 2003 to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. It featured many fun games such as Call of Duty, Spider-Man 2, Tomb Raider and FIFA.

Image: PhoneArena

2. Sony Ericsson W600

The W in Sony Ericsson W600 stands for Walkman which is only given to Sony phones that have the functionality of an audio player. This phone was one of the many models but it was the only swivel version.

Image: NewBeetle

3. Nokia 7280

Called the “lipstick phone” back in the days because of it’s shape, the Nokia 7280 has been admired by the jury of iF Product Design Award. To produce it’s shape, the keypads is taken out of the picture and replaced by the spinning wheel button that you see and a built-in voice control feature.

Image: Wikipedia

4. Nokia 3650

The Nokia 3650 was one of the first few camera phones out there. That makes it’s video recording capability also one of the first. The housing of the phone can be customized like other Nokia phones during that time.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

5. Sony Ericsson P1i

Introduced in 2002, the P1i is the last of Sony Ericsson’s “P” series. Also the boldest looking one with it’s black, white and red rocker design Qwerty keypad and silver-black casing. It comes with a stylus that is hidden neatly on the top left.

Image: Softpedia

6. Nokia E90

The Nokia E90 also known as the Communicator, was the fifth generation of it’s kind. At the time of it’s debut, it was more expensive than an iPhone 13 today. It was priced at $868.

Image: Retromobe

7. Nokia N90

Nokia N90 is the first device to make an appearance under the Nseries lineup of smartphones and tablets. It’s a step further of a camcoder as it allows the screen to be rotated facing you and on top of that, the camera can go around 360 for selfies, video recording and photos.

Image: Wikipedia

8. Nokia 7600

The 7600 is another of the many unusual design phones which Nokia was popular for. It might look small in the picture below but it’s actually quite bulky. It measures 8.7cm tall, 7.8cm wide and 1.86cm thick.

Image: YouTube

9. Nokia 6600

This is one of those many unusual designs as mentioned earlier. It was the most advanced Nokia phone at the time of it’s release which was 2 years before the Nseries era.

Image: Carousell

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