9 Things To Get For Him (Age 25-30) This Valentine’s Day

From the perspective of a non-romantic guy, Valentine’s Day is a day that we are assumed to do the right thing which includes taking you out for candlelight dinner, giving flowers, chocolates and other cringing stuff. All we really want is to chill with you at home, order a large pizza and chicken wings and watch Netflix till fall asleep.

But if you want to make it a little special than that, exchanging gifts is not something that we will oppose either. As long as the contents of the gifts are as far as possible from what Valentine’s Day is all about.

If you really love him so much and don’t mind spending so much on a gift and he collects sneakers, this levitating sneaker display will make him feel that you are his soulmate.

It may seem childish for you that he is still into Pokemon, but the fact that you understand it and still love him is why he loves you. And getting him this PokeBall gear knob will take you to places that you have never been. This is only meant for manual transmission cars.

Full black

At this age group, playing cards and magic tricks are probably something that he is trying to master more than anything else and you should encourage him because you will have your very own David Blaine to entertain you. This minimalist playing cards is available in full black version and full white version.

Full white

If he loves cooking and you want him to keep feeding you, then surprise him with this 90s diner style breakfast station. Make sure to check if there is empty space on the countertop and a power socket nearby before getting it.

Every guy within this age group grew up playing Pac-Man in an arcade. But almost all of us are too shy to step into an arcade anymore because we are looked at weirdly by the youngsters. With this Pac-Man for TV with arcade-style buttons and packed with 12 other classic arcade games (besides Pac-Man), it will be like a dream come true for him.

If a sensual blowjob is the gift, there’s no better way to start off than giving him these prism spectacles. It allows him to get a clear view of what’s going on down there and enjoy it without even having to bend the head down.

For him to be indecisive about things at this age is very common. This is because he is still learning about the world and there are so many things that he wants to try. He will be glad for you to help him out with his indecisiveness by giving him this and the risk of him being indecisive about you will reduce too. Also, it’s quite fun to play with it.

Superheroes have made an impact in most guys life. Superheroes are also probably the reason why most guys are faithful in a relationship (superheroes are faithful). These claws will further strengthen the superhero qualities in him. Make sure to stay away from him as far as possible when he put them on.

But of course, not every guy is faithful and nice at this age. For those guys who have left you stranded on Valentine’s Day, sending fresh elephant poop anonymously is one way to feel good and move on. They also deliver gorilla and cow poop.

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