A Few Of HercLeon’s Apollo T-Shirts Will Set You For Life

No one will notice a thing if it has been three days since the last time you showered if you’re in this t-shirt. But don’t take it lightly. HercLeon’s Apollo tee is a serial odor killer. It has a proven track record to last up to 9 days worth of back to back hardcore outdoor activities.

“I am still in the test phase, but this shirt is amazing. I have worn it 9 days. I take it off after physical activity, shake it out and wait for the next day. I go to the gym for an hour. I play pickleball for two hours. I have ridden my bike. It works!! It is comfortable and doesn’t smell bad. I am 5’8”, 140 lbs. I ordered a woman’s medium and it is a perfect fit.”

Image: HercLeon

But this is not for sports. It does not hide your sweat as well as your odor. The review left by Patty A. above is just to show you that nothing can bring it down. Some parts of it is literally made out of metal. Apparently, it utilizes an in-house material called HercFiber v.CM4. The material is a combination of beechwood, copper and spandex that are made possible by an innovative metal infusing technology. It is mentioned on the site that it can go on up to 100 days without having to wash it.

There are plenty more benefits that comes with this t-shirt. The type of benefits which your nearby shopping mall’s clothing store will have in years to come, however, one thing is still the same old same old. That is, some colors of the t-shirt is only available with a certain size and chances are, the color that you want does not come in your size. Colors available include black, burgundy, forest green, gray, navy blue and white. Sizes up to 4XL.

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