A Spider-Man Desk Lamp Is Really What’s Missing On Your Desk

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Even in the form of a sculpted figure, he stays true to what Uncle Ben had said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This officially licensed Spider-Man desk lamp keeps things eco-friendly with it’s long lasting LED lightbulb and while at the same time, also help you bring down the electricity bills and reduce household expense—LED lightbulbs are known to last six times longer than a traditional bulb.

Image: Amazon

The New York street light like lamp stands 16-inch tall. However, as much as you’re hoping for the hanging upside down Spider-Man to be the pull switch, deep down you know they are not going to let you have it, especially when it’s only priced at $59.99. The lamp uses a typical on and off switch that are found on most desk lamps.

Image: Amazon

Other than that, it is USB powered which is actually quite weird for something this big and sturdy. But if you can get past the size and comprehend that the requisite power is only for the energy efficient LED light, then it’s not that weird. In fact, it is brilliant as it saves on plug space.

Image: Amazon
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