Ambi Pur And Little Trees Are Not The Only Air Fresheners Taking The World By Storm. These Star Wars Air Fresheners Are Too 

It’s time for you to move on from the conventional media and harness the power of a platform that is powered by the real people. These are lego Star Wars car air fresheners and they’re selling like hot cakes on Etsy. There are as many as 40 Star wars characters available to be choosed from and with each character, you can choose a scent varying from lemon, peach, lavender, tropical fine and platinom shower. And yes, your favourite characters are all there. General Grievous? Yes. R2D2? Yes. Chewbacca? Yes. Darth Vader? Of course!

Darth Vader

Star Wars is not the only universe the Etsy seller got his hands in, you can also find lego air fresheners from the Marvel universe such as Nick Fury, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange and many more. Do you think characters from DC Comics are going to be left out by this seller after coming all this way? Of course not! This guy came with a burning passion to sell lego figure air fresheners and sell he did! You can also find lego air fresheners of football stars, wrestling stars, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters and the Ninja Turtles.

Luis Ronaldo
Ninja Turtle

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