6 Boiled Egg Utensils For Beginners

There are many utensils invented for boiled eggs so that we human beings do not get sick of making them as they are an excellent source of protein, vitamin B, zinc and calcium. Here are some utensils that are suitable for beginners.

This rack prevents the eggs to crack and seep out into the water as they are boiled. You can even buy two of them and stack them up to boil more eggs in one go.

If you never get the consistency of the texture right, this timer will get it right for you.

This one serves a similar purpose as the boiled egg rack mentioned at the top of this list but this one has a holder and a unique design. The downside is that it holds lesser eggs.

If your boiled eggs always turn out to be broken as you peel them, this thing will allow you to release the shell from the egg more smoothly and neatly.

Tired of looking at oval or round-shaped boiled eggs? Make it into cubes. It takes about 5 minutes to get it into shape with this thing.

Have your eggs sliced up in proper bite-size with this slicer. It will slice it nice and clean into 10 slices.

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