Chasing Dory: The Beginning Of Small And Affordable Underwater Drones

Besides using it to explore and capture the beauty of the underwater, this underwater drone known as the Chasing Dory is also fit to run underwater errands, for example, checking for any technical problems in an oceanarium before sending in divers, or to check the depth of the ocean and if there’s any buldging rock at the bottom before you do some cliff jumping.

The Chasing Dory can dive up to 15 meters deep and features all the required features to do the job such as 1 hour runtime, depth measurement, ±45° tilt-lock mode, 1080p f/1.6 lens, depth lock, and headlights. Of course, it can also move around freely like a regular drone.

±45° tilt-lock mode
Depth lock allows the drone to maintain underwater stability at a desired depth.
Two 250-lumen headlights

This world’s most affordable ($499) and smallest underwater drone uses a smartphone app to control it via GPS Wi-Fi signal—no internet connection needed. Sadly, no direct connection as there’s a middleman called Wi-Fi Buoy to connect the smartphone and the drone up with this GPS Wi-Fi signal thing.

Wi-Fi Buoy

It gets worse. Throughout the period of using the drone, the drone has to be tethered—50ft tether included—to the Wi-Fi Buoy to get it to work.

Chasing Dory connected to the Wi-Fi Buoy

Check out the video below for more information on it:

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