How to Unlock the Child Safety Locks Which Joey Tribbiani is Too Stupid to Notice

In Season 9 Episode 16 of the Friends sitcom, failing to notice the child safety locks planted by Rachel, Joey can’t open the drawer, fridge and toilet. However, with extreme force, he did manage to open the fridge which obviously is not the way to get it opened.

1. For the drawer and the fridge, the locks that are used is called the child safety strap lock. Besides drawers and fridge, it can also be used for cabinets, oven, closet, and more. It has a small sliding button to release the lock.

Child safety strap lock

2. The lock Rachel used for the toilet is a different one known as the toilet lock. It’s no longer available because it’s outdated. Ever since, toilet locks have become easier to be fixed onto a toilet but the way it unlocks is the same.

Toilet lock
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