3 Fun Drinking Games You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Drinking with friends will not be fun without a drinking game. But at the same time, the same drinking game played over and over again will also not be fun. This list features three fun drinking games you probably didn’t know exist.

This game is designed based on the popular board game called Monopoly. But unlike Monopoly which involves money and properties, it involves something that will take your mind of money and properties, which is drinking beer.

Compared to the Ring of Fire drinking game where the rules tend to repeat and you have to constantly check on the rules on the internet because it’s hard to remember all of them, the rules will never repeat with this drinking game as there are 100 cards inside of the box, each card has its own rule and the rules are printed on the cards themselves.

But if you’ve never heard of Ring of Fire and would like to give it a go, this will give a good impression of the game. It’s basically the Ring of Fire with rules printed on the cards and packed under the name Loaded Kings. The cards are also waterproof.

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