9 Fun Drinking Games for Drunkards

Drinking with friends will not be fun without a drinking game. And speaking based on experience, the same drinking game played over and over again will also not be fun. This is why I have put up this list of drinking game products. Buying a few or all of them in this list and rotating the games every time you have friends come over will not make drinking with friends boring.

As the name sounds, beeropoly is a game designed based on the popular board game called Monopoly. But it does not involve money and properties…it involves something that will take your mind of money and properties, which is beer.

Compared to the Ring of Fire drinking game where you have to constantly check on the rules on the internet or a piece of paper and have the same rules repeated over and over, this drinking game easily tops it.

And compared to Spin the Bottle, this game is more accurate and it will get you and your friends drunk faster.

Drinking games have never been a strategy kind of game but if you want it you can have it.

And if you want to make every other game that you have played when you were growing up a drinking game, you can start with this.

Followed by this.

Followed by this.

And followed by this.

And if you and your friends still prefer playing the Ring of Fire after all the drinking games mentioned above, this waterproof Ring of Fire card game will make cleaning up much easier, the cards can be used many times and there’s no need for checking the rules on the internet as the rules are printed on the cards themselves.

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