Everything That This Shop Sells Is Made Out Of Cardboard

As a media outlet, we’re late to cover this story but there’s always something good in bad. In 2014, Refold launched a portable cardboard desk on Kickstarter. It was quite well received by crowdfunders mainly because it’s eco-friendly, portable and stress-free when it comes to assembling it. It requires no such thing as glue, screws and tape.

Image: Kickstarter

But prolly the reason most crowdfunders decided to go with it in the first place despite it being made from cardboard is because it is sturdy. The way it is structured is engineeringly possible for a person to stand on it. Each pieces of the cardboard table is comprised of 2 pieces of triple laminated, extra strong cardboard. So placing a laptop or a complete desktop is similar to placing a feather on it (no harm done. The same does not apply for a drink without an absorbent coaster—though lighter, it is bad for water). As it is shown in the image below, there are two types of desk: standing desk and sitting desk.

Image: design-milk

The good part about us being late for the show is that within the period of seven years, they have evolved into a beautiful butterfly. From tables, they now have all sorts of things in their very own online store. And they’re all made of cardboard.

Laptop stand

Screen riser

Image: Refold

Standing desk with waterproof top

Image: Aspect Home

Sitting desk with waterproof top

Image: Aspect Home

Scratchy pet palace

Scratchy cat tunnel

Magazine holder

Image: Refold


Nest tables with waterproof surface

Coffee table with waterproof surface

Side table with shelf

Packable display shelf

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