Here’s How Altered:Nozzle Makes the Most Out of the Water Flow of an Existing Faucet

Altered:Nozzle is a type of nozzle that works with most modern faucets to add two water-saving modes known as Mist and Spray. These water-saving modes use the absolute minimum amount of the water flow of a faucet to bring out the maximum outcome.


To accomplish this, Mist blocks most of the water flow in a faucet and releases two percent of the water through a small hole. As a result, the pressure that is built-up inside of the nozzle causes the break out of millions of tiny droplets which is just enough for getting dirt off the hands, fruits and vegetables.

Mist mode

Spray mode, on the other hand, puts pressure on fifteen percent of the water through a number of larger holes on the nozzle. This, in return, force out a water flow two times stronger than the faucet’s, which is also strong enough to easily rinse off the dirt on most of the dirty dishes.

Spray mode
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