6 Hot Dog Gadgets You Should Not Buy

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1. Slotdog

The Slotdog is a gadget that scores a hot dog. When scored, it will allow the fat inside of the hot dog to melt thoroughly and also allow the smokiness of the grill to infuse the hot dog which as a result enhances the flavor of it.

However, scoring a hot dog does not necessarily need this. A regular knife does the job just as fine. Here’s a video that explains how to score it using a knife:

Speaking of scoring hot dogs, the hot dog gadgets listed on the following spot, the one after it and the one after that are also meant for a similar purpose—to enhance the flavor of the hot dog—but instead of the hot dog meat being scored, it spiralizes the hot dog to expose the inner parts of the hot dog to the heat.

Besides saving money on any of these by using a knife, you will also save time washing a knife considering the amount of hard to reach places that exist.

2. Curl-A-Dog

3. Hot Dog Spiralizer

4. Spiral Hot Dog Cutter

5. Hot Dog Stuffer

The idea behind this Hot Dog Stuffer is to core out the juicy, fatty, and full of meat part of a hot dog so that it can be stuffed with condiments.

6. Hot Dog Bun Driller

Firstly, what this is really meant for is to be used as a sex toy instead of drilling a hole in a hot dog bun. Since more men enjoy eating hot dogs compared to women, it has been placed in the hot dog department on Amazon to target the men who will get the hint and buy it to surprise their women. Secondly, even if it’s actually meant for drilling a hole in a hot dog bun, why trouble yourself with the drilling and have a hard time inserting the condiments evenly on the hot dog after that when you can easily, quickly and neatly run a knife through it and have the condiments spread evenly on the dog right after? Whatever it is, there’s something fishy about this gadget. And it can’t get anymore fishier when some guy leaves the fishiest review on it.

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