If You Love Ice In Your Drinks, You Probably Have To Get The Frozen Peas Ice Mould

There will always be room for a great kitchen gadget in our home.

This peas ice mould is a must-have kitchen utensil for the cocktail lover and the one who loves to organize parties at home. A large sphere-shaped ice that fits well in a glass of drink is an excellent choice for the end of a great day. Easy to use and worth every penny. These are the definition of this helpful kitchen gadget.

The unique design of the peas ice mould is not all about the design, it is also valuable and practical. The fact that it can fit three large sizes of sphere ice is fantastic. You don’t see that happening with the Tovolo sphere ice mould. On top of that, it is super easy to handle. You will have to open up the top part of it, fill up the water into the moulder then it will be good to go into the fridge for freezing time.

Easy peasy to operate this helpful kitchen gadget! Once frozen, you can press the bottom side of the mould to detach the ice, and it is good to go along with your drinks.

The logic of having this thing would be it’s unique sphere shape and the fact that it could produce three at a time. The sphere shape exposes less surface area, making the ice melt slower than the regular ice cube that probably has a lot of exposed surface area on every single side. This will make drinks last longer and prevent them from being super watery or losing their original taste. 

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