3 Instant Noodle Products To Show Appreciation To Our Struggles Back In College

Back in college, instant noodles was a meal that we usually tend to avoid…because if we had to face it, that means we are broke. But as we get older and as we earn more money, instant noodles have become more like a “collegehood food” where we occasionally make ourselves a bowl or a cup just to reminisce on the hard times that got us to where we are.

And what better way to reminisce those times with some unique instant noodle products to show appreciation to our struggles.

Note: The following products can also be used if you’re still struggling in college.

This book features some very creative instant noodle recipes that are invented in the prison accompanied by some very interesting prison stories that will make our college time struggles feel like we’re a bunch of spoiled brats and laugh about it.

Those times there is no such things as YouTube. Even if it did exist, the internet we had at our college dorm rooms are too slow to keep up. The fact that we now have high-speed internet in our hands and the fact that this bowl exists clearly shows that we went to college at the wrong time.

Many of the delicious and newly released instant noodle flavors are packaged in packets instead of cups. And because of this, our love for instant noodles parted ways after high school as it’s more troublesome to prepare and clean up after packet instant noodles.

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