3 Interesting Uses of the Gray Stone Spray Paint

The gray stone spray paint is a type of spray paint which when sprayed on something, it will make the thing look like it’s made out of real stone. Although it can be sprayed on anything to make it look like it’s made out of real stone, doesn’t mean that it should.

To give you an idea of what to use it with, here are some interesting uses of it that we manage to discover around the web.

1. Empty plastic soap dispenser

Among the three stone spray paint ideas shared by Viviant Castellanos on her YouTube channel, the most interesting idea is using it on an empty plastic soap dispenser to make it look like an elegant ceramic soap dispenser.

2. IKEA’s GLADOM tray table

In a tutorial article which subject is a cheap tray table by IKEA, with the help of the gray stone spray paint and a gold spray paint, Ashley Poskin walks-through how to make it look like an expensive tray table.

3. Bathroom countertop

Using a similar type of spray paint on an outdated bathroom countertop, Mistella left a five star review on Amazon with before and after images expressing her success to make it look like a modern bathroom countertop.

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