Kissenger Is No Longer Available, But Still Worth Taking A Look

Physical touch and feel are what’s missing from the internet that connects users all around the world. But it’s not the internet’s fault. It’s not the fault of the coders behind it too. From a point of view, it’s like a whole new field of study and billions of lines of codes to write. One company even gave a shot at it and failed.

Comes in two. Image: Interesting Engineering

The Kissenger is a device that allows you to connect to a phone and kiss your long-distance partner on the lips. It has pressure sensors built in the oval-shaped silicone pad which is able to read the pressure that is placed by your lips and simulate it on your partner’s device over the internet. The pressure on your partner’s lips will also be simulated on your device.

Kissenger was posted on Indiegogo in 2018 to receive funding, however, it did not reach it’s funding goal due to lack of support. More importantly, it’s an acceptance that it can’t replicate the characteristics of a real kiss.

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