Like a magician’s hat, this duffel bag reveals a whole closet from beneath it

From the outside when everything is zipped up, this duffel bag looks just like an ordinary one but like a magicians hat, it reveals a whole closet from beneath it. Although priced at a whopping $169.99, it may just be the best thing you purchase in the years to come if you’re the kind of person who often find yourself (or your daughter) on the stage performing. This thing will keep your costumes wrinkle-free, accessible and as well as organized. It also takes up less space which is especially useful when you’re given a small dressing room.

Not to say that it’s not good for travelling but let’s just say that it’s true powers can only be harnessed if you always pack a light suitcase. This is because, for it to work, it is designed to only fit a few clothes. Too many clothes will just crumple everything up.

Purchased this for dance competitions when I don’t need the full sized Dream Duffel. I was able to fit costumes, hair supplies and all makeup required as well as a small blanket for her to sit on. Easy to maneuver so that my 9 year old could handle it except for when going up a set of stairs. I wish the rack was a little more heavy duty but all in all this more than met my expectations.


The closet or also known as the garment rack extends up to 23 inch in height. Besides the main compartment, there are two other exterior zippered pockets and one interior mesh pocket. There are two colors available with it, full black with grey linings and the other is full black with pink linings.

Black and grey
Black and pink
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