Not Many Are Aware Of The True Potential Of OfficeGYM

It is inevitable. There is no escape from the office chair. It is where sanity lies but at the same time, it is also where insanity is. As a precautionary measure for when the insanity is about to engulf your state of mind, the OfficeGYM chair is a good candidate. It allows you to distract yourself in many different ways.

Though that insanity of yours have been brought outside of your mind for your colleagues to see, it still does a good job in keeping you safe from the ultimate destruction which can occur with a push of a button. For instance, going all in on Dogecoin at $0.68 or anywhere near that figure where it has reached it’s peak (hoping it would continue to take off).

On top of that, it does make your chair look more intimidating from the back. Makes anyone question your beliefs and think twice before they could approach you and take advantage of you.

Image: Amazon

But it’s not all about the mind. This thing actually has the necessary weight resistance to work on your biceps and triceps. Even by simply grabbing a hold of the handles before stretching will allow you to reap its benefit. It comes with three levels of resistance bands, light, medium and hard. The resistance is approximately 5-6 lbs, 8-9 lbs and 10-12 lbs respectively.

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