3 Oreo Cookie Eating Tools Compared

Dunky Cup with four free Oreos

This mug fits three Oreos at a time and 8fl of milk. It comes packaged with four Oreos.

Dunky Cup in use
The Ultimate Oreo Dunking set with six free Oreos and a free Oreo themed napkin

If you want everything to be more than what is offered by Dunky Cup, this is what you should get. It has a detachable Oreo cookies holder that fits seven Oreos, a mug that can fill more than 8fl of milk and six free Oreos are packaged with it. It also comes with a pair of tongs which allows an Oreo to be fully submerged into the milk. It can even be upgraded: by simply purchasing another set of this, you can remove the cookies holder from one of the mugs and have it combined into the other, and have the entire sleeve of Oreos in one sitting.

The Ultimate Oreo Dunking set in use
The Dipr in red

In comparison to the tongs above, this is less convenient. This is because you will have to use both of your hands to hook the Oreo up. On top of that, Oreos are not the only thing that is able to be hooked with it as there is a possibility for it to be hooked onto your teeth. It’s really better to use a fork instead of getting this.

The Dipr in green with an Oreo hooked on it
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