3 Oreo Cookie Eating Tools Compared

Oreo cookie is the world’s favorite cookie. This is because it’s easily obtainable, so good and so addictive. In fact, it’s actually more addictive compared to cocaine, for lab rats (but it’s likely relevant to humans as well).

So, if you can’t stop yourself from eating the entire sleeve in one sitting, you’re going to like what you find below.

If you like dunking your Oreos in a glass of milk, it’s about time to go pro. It fits three Oreos at a time and 8fl of milk.

And if you need more capacity, this is what you should get. It also comes with Oreo tongs.

Compared to the one above, this one fits seven Oreos and more milk.

Btw, 5 – 10 seconds is the ideal amount of time to dunk an Oreo into a glass of milk.

The tongs above is much more convenient. Or you can just use a fork instead of getting this.

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