PlayStation 1 Is Never Gonna Give You Up. There’s A PS1 Messenger Bag

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Unless it’s for collecting purposes, it’s not a good idea to buy this bag for personal use. This is because as much as it is capable to evoke nostalgia in others, it is capable to attract negative fashion criticsm among some. To be on the safe side, keep it at home where it belongs. The bag also, according to considerate verified purchasers who have the time to leave a review on Amazon, are not padded on the inside for safekeeping of a laptop.

Image: Amazon

Apart from that, as any Platstation fans who observes the disc slot fastener, the classic—officially licensed—PlayStation logo, the accuracy of the color and the separately stitched buttons that are just there to complete it, would agree, is truly extraordinary.

Image: Amazon

In terms of compartments, WYSIWYG. There’s a main storage compartment, small zip-up pocket on the front and a back pouch.

Material wise, unfortunately, is unknown. The seller did not specify it on the page. Reviewers suggests that it’s made out of leather but judging based on the cheap zippers, the leather doesn’t seem genuine. Measurements are 15.75 x 11.02 x 3.43 inches; 1.42 Pounds.

Image: Amazon

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