7 Products Which Are Not What They Seem To Be

Most products have been designed to look and work as they are planned out to be. However, deep beneath the ocean are products which are designed to look and work as they are planned but on top of that, they have a secret feature which defies the existence of its species, similar to that library bookshelf which turns into a secret door that leads to a secret room.

Yes, you can definitely getaway with your wife thinking that you’re heading to work with one of this.

Unless the thief is Remy the little chef from Ratatouille, whatever you stash inside here will never go missing.

This mug clearly pictures how everyone goes about their day in the office.

If you’re dating a stealing son of a bitch, this is what you need.

The only way to get airport security to not mess up your luggage contents during a security check.

Hiding house keys under the doormat or under a brick is too mainstream.

Your get out of jail ticket to save money on outrageous booze prices at a music festival or any other events that perform a security check at the entrance.

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