Quirky’s Align Stapler Is Looking For A New Home And It’s Doing Whatever It Takes

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The older generations does things the hard way and the generations now gets to have it easy. It will get easier for the future generations and the generations now will complain in the future about how hard things were. Future first world problems.

To hell with that. Concentrate on the present. A stapler with a detachable base that allows you to staple where other staplers invented before this can’t reach is the way to go.

It also works as a normal stapler. The usual split open that you do with a stapler to staple up stuff on a bulletin board can be done but it is done slightly differently. It has a unique personality. The kind that knows what kind of personality that you’re looking for and willing to adjust to make you feel better. Unlike any other staplers found in a stationery store, it is above average. It will also further impress you from time to time with it’s magnetic base.

Deep on the inside, as you would have probably guessed it, it’s just an ordinary stapler: looking for it’s own place in the world, trying not too hard to please (it has it’s own flaw. Holds a small and uncommon amount of staples at a time) and made of plastic, metal, spring and standard size staples (not included).

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