Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Is The Prince Charming Your Glasses Have Been Waiting For

In some parts of the world where the Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass holder has not catch the attention of a hungry international trader, many are suffering with their glasses falling off their front pockets. In other parts of the world where it has already seen the dark side of things, Readerest had not waste a single minute and had saved and prolonged the lives of countless of glasses.

Lives of glasses are not the only thing it’s saving, it’s also saving time associated with the making of a new pair of glasses and glasses repair works. Beyond that, it’s a selfless confidence booster and a charming little thing which helps instill the thought that your glasses is never sliding out of your pocket ever again.

The cost for a pair is $18.99 and $9.99 for one. Wide range of colors and designs available including designs with legit Swarovski crystals that’s also worthy of being used as a brooch.

Head over to their main site to check out the collection.

Image: Grommet
Image: Amazon
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