Riding On This Water Bike Does Not Look As Odd As Riding On A Centaur

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There was such a thing as a paddle boat, but not water bikes up until now. Or maybe there was somewhere in a corner of Alibaba.com (they also have all sorts of things there) but we just had to divert all of our attention into checking this particular water bike out. It is a thing of beauty. Love at furst sight. No time for research.

Image: Amazon

Thankfully, it does not look odd. Maybe a little. Riding on a centaur, on the other hand, looks odd.

Image: Macroevolution

It is said that it is suitable to be used anywhere, as long as there’s plenty of space for it to go around.

It has a top speed of 15km/h which is quite fast for something that involves paddling on the water. Especially if you’ve tried one of those swan paddle boats, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. But then again, this is more like a bike which is way easier than paddling while sitting in a relaxed position (that guy in the bright green t-shirt in the image below is having a tough time). So you’ll never know.

Image: Commercial Recreation Specialists

There are no baggage compartments or at least a basket set up on the front of it. An obvious downside if you’re into fishing, photography and all those stuff.

The other downside is the color choices. It’s only available in white. The color can be customized only if you order more than 10 units. It’s not going to happen even if you decide to buy it with a group of friends because one or two or sometimes all of them will not have the time or money for it. It is priced at $999.88.

In the box, there are a few things that comes with it. Well, there are two boxes. One for the skeleton of the bicycle and the other is for the float, repair tools and pump.

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