Sadly, The R2 Training Kit Can’t Teach Your Goldfish How To Jump Through A Hoop

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Who would have known the goldfish that we bought as a pet when we were still small could be trained instead of just feeding it and cleaning the tank. Could it be as clueless as we were? Nobody knows. Was it waiting for us to play with it and train it? Nobody knows.

But it is nice to know that someone who has the time for it took the initiative to find out that it could in fact be trained and create this awesome kit. However, it is not nice to know that this kit is only meant for a small goldfish and that no matter what, it won’t be able to do the following, or can it? According to a Bustle article, goldfish do jump out of the fishbowl if the water is too dirty, too hot or when it is too stressed. So eventhough it’s jumping to it’s death, it still can jump, therefore, making it an incomplete training kit.

Image: Amazon

It is made up of 30 pieces that can be put together to create a training ground for your fish and train it to do cool tricks. Also included in the box is a 45 minutes detailed instructional DVD so you won’t be lost. There are 8 tricks you can teach your fish to do. Notable ones are swim the tunnel, do the limbo, and slalom the poles.

It can fit into any fish tank that’s longer than 11″ in length, wider than 6 and a 1/2″, and taller than 9″. $29.99 is what they’re asking for it.

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