2 Space-Scented Products that are Not Really Space-Scented

While the smell of space is still unsure by astronauts who have been to space, some humans who have not been to space have already “figured it out” and are selling it in the form of a candle and a perfume.

1. Space candle

According to astronauts, some say that space smells like gunpowder, some say that it smells like burning metal and some say that it smells like walnut and break pads. And the making of this space-scented candle that is solely based on these descriptions is what some would say, IMPOSSIBLE! This is because, even NASA, the agency that’s closest to every possible clue to how space would smell like, failed to re-create the smell back in 2008.

2. Space perfume

And the same thing they would say for this space perfume which was featured on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo and went on to sell $1.2m worth of bottles. This is because the person who developed this perfume is Steve Pearce, who is the same person NASA hired in 2008 to re-create the smell. Since this perfume is not a collaboration with NASA, similar to the making of the space-scented candle, Pearce had no other choice but to develop it using the descriptions provided by astronauts.

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