The 2-in-1 Beer Pint Shot Glass Is Not For Everyone

While you’re not breaking any rules by having a shot directly out of a pint, you are however, disrespecting the essence of a shot. In its true nature, a shot in a shot glass secretly polices your shot intake by setting the volume limit for each shot and makes you think twice before going for another round because of the weight each shot carries. On top of that, there’s just something about doing a shot in a crystal clear heavy base shot glass that makes you feel cool and look cool.

Taking the shot glass out of the picture removes all that. Not sure why would anyone do that, but if you see anyone who does it, this is the perfect gift for his or her upcoming birthday. Made out of hand-blown labarotory-grade borosilicate glass, this 16oz 2-in-1 beer pint shot glass features a special opening at the bottom which holds 2oz worth of spirits or liquor. FYI, 2oz is considered as a double shot.

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