The Anti-Spill Cup Holder A.K.A. Cup-Holster, Can Do More

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Creating space out of thin air to help avoid a certain computer related mishap that’s waiting to happen is not what this thing is all about. As are the many things around that went unnoticed, it is secretly multipurpose. It also provides space for the headphones to hang onto and for things to be temporarily dumped into it such as a smartphone or a dildo. It’s 3-in-1.

Image: Amazon

If you think outside the box, it could also be 4-in-1. For instance, like this guy who somehow manage to squeeze in a phone stand meant for the cup holders of a car into it. Not that we’re trying to oversell anything here—maybe subconsciously—but if you think a little further outside of the box, you can fit one of those car tray table too. The car tray will securely mount onto cup holders 3″-4.1″ wide and this has a 3.5″ diameter capacity.

Due to it’s high stress adjustable clamp, it can be strongly clamped on to any types of table with a thickness of up to 1.75 inches and not run the risk of slipping and falling. This includes the nightstand that are usually jam-packed, painting table that calls for an allocated space for the paint water, and the writing table on a student chair which the hot cup of “to-go” coffee can put the trust on.

There are three colors available with it; red with gray clamp, white and black.

Image: Cup-Holster
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