The Aquanautia Shorts Is Not Just Made From Any Plastic Bottles, It’s Recycled Plastic Bottles

Products are meant to put some of your insecurities on a one-way flight to the Bermuda Triangle. Whether the valuables that you left on the shore is safe or has already been stolen by a thief is an example of uncertainty that usually lingers at the back of your mind when you go for a swim. For it, the one-way flight ticket is this $100 shorts. It has a neat 30m water-resistant pocket which utilizes magnetic technology to keep water and air from getting into it.

That’s not all that’s fascinating about it. The fabric is made from 92 percent recycled plastic bottles.

Image: Aquanautia

It’s a smart choice to be worn as a casual shorts as well. It doesn’t look like a swimming trunk and ready for any unsolicited push into a large body of water anywhere, anytime. And, there’s no need to get a belt involved. It features an adjustable waistband that reduces the waist by half a size.

It’s the type of shorts that has the strength, the guts and the patience to go through thick and thin with you.

There are four colors.

Charcoal grey

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