The BeerBelly Looks And Feels Like A Real Beer Gut

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If you don’t have a beer belly, it is a must to have one. But of course, I meant having one not in an unhealthy way. It is in fact by a healthy way, which is by putting on The BeerBelly. The BeerBelly is a polyurethane made bladder that can be worn under clothing to make it look like you have a beer gut. It is designed to fit adults who are up to six feet and 8 inch tall and who has a waist size of up to 40 inch. It can hold up to 80 ounces of hot or cold beverage.

It is made out of neoprene and nylon which gives it the skin type smooth surface. It is the perfect thing to wear during a sports or festival event. Because of how real it looks from the outside of the clothing, no one will suspect a thing.

Unfortunately, the pouch that stores the beer is not an insulated one. So you got to make sure the beer or wine you store inside to be very cold in order to make it last throughout an event. Other than that, it makes the perfect thing to wear as a joke. It looks too real. If you are a female wearing this, be sure to get ready for pregnancy questions such as “how many months pregnant are you?” and “when is the due date?”.

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