The Illumiseen LED Reflective Belt Is Your One-Way Ticket To A Safer And A More Carefree Evening Bicycle Rides

Getting hit by a car while you’re jogging or cycling near traffic is not something that is planned. It is fate. And this is how you dodge fate. The LED reflective belt by Illumiseen features high intensity LED lights thats brighter than most reflective and glow in the dark clothings. It’ll never go unseen by any motorists. There are two lighting modes, flashing and static (always on). The flashing mode has 20 hours of running time whereas the static mode allows it to last for a good 5 hours or so. 

It is USB rechargeable via a micro USB cable and in case you’re wondering, it is not completey waterproof. While it may be resistant to your sweat and some light rain, when it comes to a heavy downpour, that’s its kryptonite. And its the only weakness there is; the straps are adjustable; there’s a secure quick release buckle; and three color options are made available, blue, green and red. 

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