The Limitations of the 3-in-1 Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer

While it’s also possible to peel off an apple by sticking a drill in the center, turning the drill on and using the standard vegetable peeler to do the work, it’s just not the way to do it.

There are three things you can do with this.

  1. It can peel, core and slice an apple at the same time or
  2. It can only have the apple to be cored and sliced or
  3. It can only have the apple peeled

But there are limitations…

It can’t only core an apple. You’re going to need an apple corer for that.

The second limitation is that it can’t only peel and core.

Unfortunately, there’s no such device that only peels and cores. This means that you’re still going to need the corer above if you like your apples to be only peeled and cored, considering that the 3-in-1 apple peeler, corer and slicer can be used only for peeling.

But if you prefer some other device for peeling only compared to the 3-in-1 device, the following are the best options.

Or you can just use a regular peeler with a drill.

The third and final limitation is that it can’t spiral slice without coring. This will come handy especially if you want to use it on a potato to make some curly fries.

But as it turns out, even if it cores the potato and spiral slice it, the curly fries comes out better than the ones at a fast-food restaurant. Just that you need to find something else to do with the core of the potato.

Otherwise, there’s no such device that only spiral slice without coring.

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