The Mug with a Hoop Easily Beats The Other Mugs in it’s Product Line

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This is The Mug with a Hoop. It is commonly used with hot chocolate, soup and ice cream. But since it’s larger than a common mug—16 ounces—it can also be used for cereals.

The Mug with a Hoop

Because it sells like hotcakes, the company behind this came up with a few other designs such as The Soccer Mug with a Goal and The Hockey Mug with a Net but none of them makes more sense than this.

The Soccer Mug with a Goal
The Hockey Mug with a Net

This is because most basketball hoops do have a support system and the handle of this mug blends in very well to look like the support system, unlike the others. It’s also probably why this mug looks more appealing than the others and also probably the reason why the others did not do so well in sales.

On top of that, aiming and throwing a marshmallow or a cereal and watch it go through a hoop and into the mug is certainly more fun than throwing it on a net or a goal and watch it just bounce into the mug.

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