The Pepperoni Pizza Pillow Is Capable Of Adding Some Character And Comfort To Your Couch

It’s time to brighten up your couch or bed with a bright, cheerful, cosy, and outlandish throw pillow. This pepperoni pizza pillow is a good option. It has unique qualities that make it ideal as a gift for your daughter as a cuddle companion while she sleeps or simply to hang on to while binge watching your favourite show.

Iscream has developed a throw pillow that is distinctive enough for anyone to take notice (especially foodies), and while at the same time having the qualities to comfort anyone who uses it.

This lively and bright throw pillow is 11″ x 11″ in size and it is made with a significant percentage of polyester and a minor portion of spandex, ensuring not only soft, lightweight, cuddly, and mouldable but also its lifetime as our comfort friend.

This throw pillow has 100 percent microbead fillings that adjust to any body part that leans against it for ultimate support and comfort. The space between the fill pieces promotes airflow, making the throw pillow airy and cool while retaining no heat. It will be your companion in your most personal spaces.

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