The POWERUP 4.0 Has The Ability To Pilot Your Childhood Paper Plane

It’s the first of the many steps to set things right. The POWERUP 4.0 is what you need after having to stand and watch the many DIY paper airplanes that failed to impress you while growing up. It will not dissapoint.

The mechanism of the POWERUP 4.0 can be attached to anything as long as it’s in the shape of an airplane and it’s light enough for the POWERUP 4.0 to do it’s thing. And instead of letting it just fly by and helplessly watch it fly into the pond, you can control it using a smartphone. Android and iOS approved.

The max speed it can go is 20MPH and has a control range of 230ft. It is powered by a USB rechargeable battery which requires 30 minutes of charging for 10 minutes of flight time. Though pricing wise ($70) you could get a good RC plane for somewhere in that range, it doesn’t beat it’s craftiness and convenience.

It’s the third model of it’s kind. The first one is probably a prototype which is why there’s no such thing as POWERUP 1.0. Unlike the other two models, it is quite advanced, featuring specs such as gyro stabilization, aerobatics, take off and landing, and night flight.

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