The Rolo Roll-Up Travel Bag Definitely Got Its Idea From One Of Those Tool Organizers But Who Cares, It Works

Bet you have never seen one of this before. This here is a luggage space-saver cum organizer, portable suitcase and a stand-alone waredrobe all in one. On top of that, its exterior surface is waterproof. Even in a million years, you wont be able to strike such a deal at Samsonite. It’s made by a company called Rolo Adventures and it’s called Rolo. 

Although not stated on the product page, we are pretty sure its design is derived from one of those tool organizers that can be rolled up into a compact size. When unrolled, the aforementioned tool organizer features pockets that can be used to organize tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers.

The Rolo works the same just that it only features 4 pockets. 2 large pockets for shirts and pants and 2 smaller pockets for boxer briefs, socks and toiletries. It also has a carrying strap for easy handling and a 360 degree swivel hanging hook for you to lay it out flat and hang it in the closet or somewhere convenient for an easy access to your belongings. 

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