The SpinChill A.K.A. “Portable Drink Chiller” Is Not So Portable

This is the SpinChill or also known as the “Portable Drink Chiller”.

Purpose: To quickly lower the temperature of a can of beer or a bottle of beer in minutes so that you can enjoy an ice-cold beer or any drink anywhere, anytime.

How it works: Prepare a bucket of ice. Then, clip on a canned or a bottled drink into the device followed by dunking it in the bucket of ice and turning it on. It will spin in the bucket of ice and after a minute or two, the drink will be ice-cold.

However, although it’s not portable, it will be useful if it is used at informal social gatherings such as tailgating where there are plenty of warm cartons of beer but the icebox is too small to fit all the beers in (or there’s no icebox but only ice bags).

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