The SushiQuick sushi making kit is better than the Sushi Bazooka

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This is not for the advanced sushi makers. Even if you have a little knowledge on how to roll sushi, this is not for you. You’re better off with using one of those bamboo mats. This is strictly for beginners. It will take you through baby steps on how to roll out your very first homemade sushi.

This here is a complete sushi making kit. Not entirely complete though. It doesn’t work for certain types of sushi-making such as the temaki and nigiri types of sushi. It only teaches you on how to make maki, a type of sushi consisting of rice and filling wrapped in seaweed.

The kit has six items: the base, rolling mat, training frame, non-stick rice paddle, roll cutter and end caps for soy sauce. Also in the box is a leaflet on how to use the kit and a quick-start-recipe.

But don’t get your hopes high with this. It will not roll the perfect sushi. You can, however, expect decent rolls of maki out of it. At least more decent than what you’ll get with the sushi bazooka.

Sushi bazooka

Here are some successful attempts of making sushi using this kit.

The entire kit is made out of premium quality materials. They’re made to last long. So you can be sure to pass it on to your grandchildren who are eager to learn the art of making sushi one day.

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