The Universal Airplane In Flight Phone Mount Literally Clips Onto Anything Less Than 1.5 Inch Thick

For in flight entertainment, if there isn’t any or you just prefer the good old Netflix algorithm to make the choices for you, then like the rest of the happy customers of this phone mount, you should carry one of it too during your travels. It is basically a phone holder that clips onto your food tray to provide you with your very own cinema in the plane. All you need is a good pair of headphones to go with it. It is fully adjustable (360 rotation) to suit your viewing angle.

This thing can also be used other places besides an airplane as the strong clamp clips onto literally anything that’s below 1.5 inch. For instance, the edge of your desk, luggage handle (to watch a movie while waiting for the flight) or even on a deck of cards.

It is compatible to multiple phone sizes. It works on all iPhones and Samsungs. Nokias, Motorolas, Vivo, Redmi and LGs too.

It is an essential, just like that protective phone casing. Anywhere you are forced to wait, just pop this out and watch the time fly. Price is $12.97 for one and $24.97 for two. Color wise, it’s only available in black.

As of writing, the universal airplane in flight phone mount has received more than 6,000 positive ratings.

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