The WASD Keycaps On Your Mechanical Keyboard Will Start To Feel Insecure Once You Take A Look At This

The more you look at these keycaps, the more attractive it becomes and also the deeper the feelings you develop for it to be on your mechanical keyboard. So either you stop looking at it or you start building a serious relationship with it. You can be certain you will not cheat on it as this thing is built in a way that will not fade, rust or wear off. The letters on these keycaps are hollowed out instead of printed, making the backlight shine through it just like the rest of the keys. So the everlasting love towards the physical attribute of your keyboard is uncompromised. In fact, it is improved. Its made out of stainless steel and you will be able to feel the sturdiness running through its veins with every single push. There are four colors available with it; rainbow, gold, rose gold and silver. Besides for the keycaps W, A, S and D, they also do have similar version for the direction keys and the ESC in particular.

Rainbow. Image credit: Amazon
Gold. Image credit: Amazon
Silver. Image credit: Amazon
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