There’s a drink cover, aka NightCap, hidden inside of this scrunchie

Afraid of getting your drinks spiked at a nightclub or a bar? Well, that’s one problem solved with this 2-in-1 scrunchie. This scrunchie has a drink a drink cover a.k.a. NightCap hidden inside of it that is meant to be used to cover up a drink in order to prevent it from being spiked with pills and powders. The drink cover also features a straw hole so that you can easily slip in a straw and sip away.

It’s the perfect gift to get for your girlfriend or anyone who needs it. It is reusable, and it provides them the peace of mind they deserve while partying. The invention story of this thing is pretty cute. With the safety of women in bars in mind, bored 16 year old girl who goes by the name Shirah Benarde uses a pair of pantyhose from her mom’s closet and cut it into size and attached it to a scrunchie to create the first prototype.

There are four colors available with it. Black, pink, purple and celeste blue. It’s made out of nylon/spandex so it is easily stretchable to fit on most cup sizes and it is also washable so that it can be reused again.

The only way for someone to spike the drink which has this thing on is when you leave the drink unattended. But even then, there’s a possibility the guy could miss the golden opportunity thanks to it.

The other night I went out to a club, put this cover over my drink like I always do. I was dancing, sipping through the straw, having a great time. As we’re heading through the better-lit lobby I notice a half-crumbled pill on the cover!! Someone obviously tried to drop something in my drink in the dark. I don’t want to think about what could have happened if I didn’t have this little gadget. I’m buying one for all my female friends and sure as hell never going clubbing without it.

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