These Soy Sauce Dishes Bring an Image to Life When Soy Sauce is Poured Inside

RE’DE’STU is a Japanese online store that sells soy sauce dishes which displays a clear image when soy sauce is poured inside of it. The white porcelain, detailed carvings on the inside of the dishes and the color contrast of the soy sauce are reasons why a clear image is displayed. There are only four kinds; each displaying a clear image of its own.

1. Mount Fuji: A mountain in Japan

2. Torii gate: A traditional Japanese gate

3. Kitten

4. Siberian Husky puppy

To achieve the detailed carvings in the dishes, a prototype of each kind is created using a high-resolution 3D printer. The prototypes are then made into a mold and used as a stamp to form the carved image on each kind of dish. As a result, they are not as expensive as hand-carved porcelain dishes; each kind is priced at JP¥1,100 or US$10.51.

Purchasing it can be done on the online store itself. However, the online store only ships to locations within Japan. For international shipping, it is purchasable through minne; each international purchase has a separate shipping cost.

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