3 Things that are Used by Blind People

Other than the white cane, a tool that is often seen being used by people who are blind to scan their surroundings when walking, here are some other things they use.

Large talking button clock

This clock that looks like a buzzer from a game show, speaks the time out loud when the button is pushed. When it is pushed again, it speaks the day and date out loud. And similarly the way the time, day and date are set with the built-in audio instructions, there’s also an alarm feature that can be set.

But not necessarily this is the clock that is used by most of them to find out what the time is as there are other things that tells the time loud and clear and at the same time, small enough to carry around such as the talking clock keychain, the talking watch and the smartphone.

Bump dots

Bump dots are a set of 80 stickers with a bump on each and every one of it. It comes in different sizes and it is used to stick on things as an indication. For example, in the video above, Carrie—a person who has a low vision, has a husband who is blind and has a son who is visually impaired—uses it on home appliances such as microwave, oven, dryer, toaster and even a computer keyboard to know where certain buttons are and what they do.


As mentioned earlier, the smartphone is one of the things that is used to tell the time loud and clear. This is through the feature known as a screen reader that exists in most smartphones nowadays by default (Android and iOS). It is a feature that, when enabled, will read out loud whatever that is touched on the screen.

And that’s not the only thing this feature does because, with the help of the Braille keyboard that also exists by default, it allows them to use apps, make calls, send text messages and even surf the web.

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