5 Things That Every Car Owner Will Be Glad To Have In The Car

There are many things that should exist in a car long long time ago but still yet to be taken into consideration by automakers. These things are more important than a voice-controlled infotainment system and certainly more important than the time it takes to go around the Nürburgring.

Something that most women face while flooring the gas or the brakes with their handbag on the armrest is that the handbag does not sit still. This thing prevents it from happening.

There are two types of car owners. There’s one who allows food in the car and there’s one who doesn’t. If you are cool about having food in the car, you should find this dipping sauce clip quite useful from time to time. And the same goes for the car french fries holder mentioned below.

Sunglasses holder is something that most automakers are already beginning to adapt but not the parking cardholder. With more and more of us are moving into a gated community that require an access card to enter and on top of that having a separate access card for work parking and a smart card for expressways, a parking cardholder is a need.

If you can spare some time to check out what’s underneath your driving seat, you will be surprised of the things you find there. You will probably even find enough coins to buy you a cup of coffee. This thing permanently shuts down the lost and found department in your car.

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