7 Things That Will Instantly Solve Some Of Tall People’s Problems

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1. This work desk with an adjustable height. It features an up/down button which when pushed will allow the table to rise up to 48.75 inches off the ground from as low as 23 inches, allowing you to adjust it to the right height for your knees and also for the computer screen.

2. Full face helmet to protect your head and face whenever you’re out and about.

3. And kneepads to protect your knees.

4. Since you’re going to need a helmet and kneepads to keep you safe when you’re out, you might as well consider getting a motorcycle to get you around instead of a car. You don’t need to worry about headroom and legroom.

On top of that, there’s a website called Motorcycle Ergonomics that allows you to simulate your riding posture on many motorcycle models with you having to just input the information of your height and inseam, making it easier for you to find the perfect ride.

5. American Tall, a clothing brand for tall men and women.

6. A pair of walkie-talkies to help you communicate with a normal person without having to bend down.

7. This broom and dustpan set which broom is able to be extended to 52 inches tall.

Extension pole included.
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