This 20 Ounce Coffee Mug Will Invite A Few Questions and Amazed Stares

Growing up with American media, be it tv shows, movies or songs meant I was the kid full of nonsensical yet silly pop culture reference, knowledge that aren’t probably that valuable yet started conversations and became a vessel for all my daydreams. We have probably all watched it, a little too often perhaps, The Diner Scene, where a waitress would pour black coffee into the protagonist’s’ cup. The pot she would be using was always the same, the classic coffee pot used across America in all their diners. A great addition to your kitchenware, you would think, as you could recreate any of your favourite morning (or late into the night) scene.

Lo and behold, it has been reinvented as a jumbo mug, it is perfect for both piping hot beverages or those icy cold refreshing coffees you make as your guilty pleasure at 11 PM. Regardless if you’re a coffee drinker or not, this coffee pot mug will always be the one that stands out from the mugs line up. Be it your favourite tea, hot chocolate, iced tea or any other beverage your heart might desire, it will be the loyal companion with it’s 20 ounce volume.

Choosing the right coffee mug for you is an adventure, a fun exploration, it will represent your personality in a way, be it at home or the office. Above all, the mug should be comfortable, easy to grasp and and made from high quality material that will sustain use. The coffee pot mug ticks all the boxes. It is made from high quality borosilicate glass (advisable to be hand wash to keep its greatness for years to come).

The coffee mug is convenient enough to be carried through living rooms, in front of the television or across the office, beside the workspace, keeping your drinks hot or cold throughout the day. Coffee breaks should always feel special, it is after all, self care, and what could be more special than gifting yourself, or your loved ones, a great coffee mug for that very occasion.

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