This 3D printed gun uses Tic Tacs as bullets and it can shoot up to 15 feet away

If you’re tired of popping your Tic Tac mints the usual way, you could try standing 15 feet far and get your friend to fire it directly into your mouth with this Tic Tac gun. This 3D printed Tic Tac gun was found sold on Etsy for $16.50 and it’s available in a wide range of colors. The colors available are just as vibrant as the Tic Tacs are.

It’s easy to fire the Tic Tacs too. Simply plug the Tic-Tac container at the top of the gun and you’re ready to blast away with 38 Tic Tacts as your source of bullets.

It is the most powerful Tic Tac gun available and it is also probably the only Tic Tac gun available out there. If you would like to see the gun in action you can check out the video below.

As shown in the video above, it’s just a small gun with quite a powerful shooting ability. These guns are 3D printed so if you have a 3D printer at home, you could actually make one yourself using the free 3D printing files available on Thingiverse.

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