This cat bat costume will get him or her all pumped up for Halloween

Cats and dogs too need to celebrate Halloween. Without any costume for them will definitely leave them to wonder what the fuss is all about. Here’s a simple costume to get them all hyped up for this coming Halloween. It’s a bat wing. It’s more likely to suit black cats and dogs because of the fact that bats are black but other varieties can join in the fun.

For dogs however, it will only work with puppies and miniatures as this costume is designed for cats. There are four types of sizes, small kittens (3-7 months), small chunkster (cats weighing 8-12lb), medium chunkster (13-15lb) and chunky chonks (15-18lb). Custom fitting is also available. You can privately message the Etsy seller to discuss further on this.

Here are some pictures of cats rocking it on a Halloween evening.

As usual, based on the pictures, they do not care on what’s going on, even when something is actually going on with their backs. But one thing is that, it doesn’t seem to bother them. So you can be sure your cat will not try to remove it and be satisfied with the Halloween decoration that you’ve made to every single part of your home including your cat.

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